Bored, Bored, Bored

The title pretty much says it all!

I’m bored of being cooped up in the house all day with no one visiting… bored of my stupid LID… bored of the repetitive TV shows… bored of the internet (gasp!)…

mmmm chocolate

Dreaming of the moment I can eat real food again…

My brain isn’t working right so I can’t focus enough to read books, attempt to scrapbook, organize fundraisers, or even remember if I took my Tums 2 hours ago (no joke). I can’t even finish a sentence without losing a thought or forgetting an important detail!

My parents and Grandpa came by last night to restock my LID approved food stuffs and after not being able to find unsalted/unbuttered/no soy involved popcorn, they decided to buy me an air popper instead! So now I have the ability to make some popcorn to watch movies but I am a total disaster in the kitchen at the moment too!

I have over a week ahead of me where the hypo symptoms will continue to get progressively worse and then I go into complete isolation for 7-10 days… I think I just may go completely nutso by that point!

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