A Little Sleep Please?

The past couple days have been pretty bad for me… I find that I'm not feeling very cheery at all and am welcoming the cloudy skies (hoping for some storms soon!) because they match my mood perfectly. 

I am in a state of extreme fatigue, as most of you have probably gathered, but have been finding it increasingly hard to sleep. 

This is what my nights are like: finally fall asleep between midnight and 1am, wake up between 3-4am and stay awake for about an hour or so, fall asleep again between 4-5am, wake up between 7-8am and then I give up on trying to go back to sleep.  I know I'm not getting enough sleep, sometimes I am able to take a nap during the day which helps some but is still only an hour or so at a time.  Well after a few days of sleeping like this, then I seem to crash and can do nothing but sleep.  Its getting ridiculous!

At some point I thought I had read something about insomnia being linked to a hypothyroid state but of course now can’t find it… I do have references that state when you are hypothyroid you are unable to reach “stage 4” sleep, the deepest, most restful level of sleep which only contributes to the fatigue.  Could explain why I haven’t dreamt in years except on rare occasions?

I’ve also been in pain pretty much constantly for the past couple days.  I try to ignore it all day but last night it was too much so I took some motrin and just curled up into a ball.  This morning is pretty much the same as last night.  I feel like I have arthritis or something and feel like jumping out of my skin. Its superfun.

I can’t wait until this is all over!

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  1. I'm sorry! You are not having any fun :( if I were back in MI, I'd come over and hang out. Afterall, I'm not working, lol. I'm guessing that they haven't been able to get you in any sooner?? Keeping you in our thoughts :)


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