Tum, Tum, Tum, Tum….TUMS!

So my calcium is still all out of whack! I get crazy tingling in my hands, arms, feet… it basically feels like my hand fell asleep and is starting to wake back up almost constantly. The Dr. said that if I got this sensation in both hands and around my mouth that I would have to get checked ASAP. So far i’ve had both hands, one hand & one foot, or just my mouth tingling - but never 2 limbs plus my mouth at the same time. Believe me I will be having a chat with the Dr on Tuesday when my stitches get pulled out because this is nuts!

To combat a calcium plunge, i’ve been dutifully chewing on 2 peppermint Tums tablets every 4hours while i’m awake. That equals 8 peppermint Tums a day or approximately 160% of my daily recommended value. Even this cannot stop the tingling and I wonder if I will ever be able to stop chomping on the chewable chalky peppermint goodness that is Tums? I’m thinking I must have some parathyroid damage so is it permanent or are they in a recovery period? Only time will tell… in the meantime, its time for my 7th & 8th breath refreshers of the day!


  1. Try the berry flavors, they're actually pretty good tasting, and they don't seem as chalky to me.

  2. Hi Christine- I had my surgery August 12th and I'm still taking some caclium supplementation. Actually the first week I was also taking something called calcitriol (basically vit D) to help with absorbing all that calcium! My surgeon told me they were able to visualize and leave alone at least 3 of my parathyroids so that I should not have permanent damage, but even with the surgery going well to expect them to be in transient shock from being handled for weeks. I had a baseline PTH level drawn and it was 34. Immediately after surgery it was 5, and week to week it's gone up to 10 so far. I believe above 13 is considered normal. So don't give up home, eventually you won't tingle anymore! - Kate (www.katestowell.com)

  3. I get that when I have panic attacks - from hyperventilation messing with my calcium levels. It's miserable. I hope your levels get better soon!

    Also - I agree with the berry flavors tasting better. I also recommend going to Costco or Sam's Club and getting an incredibly huge bottle of Tums. :)

  4. Hey ladies! :) I actually can't gag down the fruit flavors at all! I had orange ones in the hospital and just about threw up! So minty freshness is what I get!

    Good thought about Costco Tarri - I will have my mom check on a bottle if i'm on these long term.

    Kate - I didn't have a baseline (probably should have being I had a 2 part surgery) but I know that my levels had dropped into the 7's when I was discharged. Dr appt today so maybe I will have to get another level done today? I know I get a TSH next week...


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