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Mask for the Westhouse Wedding! Things here are a bit crazy at the moment! 

I was finally settling into the fact that things were rolling full steam ahead when I talked to my dad and he says “Have you talked to your mom lately?  Your radiation was changed to next week.”  Excuse me, what?!  So I call my mom’s cell trying to find out the info but she’s busy, busy, busy because its Monday at the Peds office and its nearly closing time.  So I hang up and wait… (tip: mom doesn’t know how to check VM on her cell)

I was rewarded for my patience with a call from her within about 15 mins. YAY!  Basically I ask her what is going on?! And here is the scoop as I know it:

She called my Dr’s office this morning to get some questions answered and told them I was not myself (ie: hypo hell). When the hospital called the Dr’s office to tell them they had to change things, they must have relayed that I'm not myself and to stress my mom out with the details. My mom got a call from the hospital saying my scan dose is now Sept 30th and scan, consult and ablation on Oct 1st! Then the Dr’s office called my mom and said that my Dr is mad because he knows how extremely hypo I will get (possible hospitalization levels) and they are trying to get it worked out for sooner, they will call back with any details/changes.

All this happened while I was blissfully unaware, passed out on my couch.

I definitely will not be going to the hospital tomorrow morning at 6:45am for my scan dose and I will definitely not be getting my ablation on Wed this week. That is about all I know for certain at this point.

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  1. GARGH! Frustration supreme!! At least you have Mom to run interference for you. I hope things work out for you sooner rather than later, but at least you don't have to get up early tomorrow morning! Stay warm, and try not to go completely bald! :) JK But for real, stay warm. Hugs from CO!


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