Surgery #2 Update

I'm coming off some darvocet so bear with me ;o)

I know you are anxiously awaiting my update on surgery so here it goes! We got to the hospital pretty much on time (6:55am), picked up Grandpa in the lobby and headed to the surgery check in. We were surprised to find a nearly empty surgical check-in room! Either everyone was much earlier than me or much later or... they just didn't have a big schedule? Anyway, once I got checked in I waited maybe 10 minutes before getting called back to the pre-pre-surgery area. (btw i like their scale, it said i was 4lbs lighter than my home one) When we got back there I was told to pee in a cup (urine preg, required on all women of age) and disrobe and then wait. So wait we did... About 8am they took me to the pre-surgery area where my IV was started in my hand (ouch) and I chatted with my surgeon and anesthesiologists briefly. Then I got some happy medicine, dropped my parents off at the surgical waiting room, and remember being told to move to the other bed and then I was out!

I woke up in PACU to someone in the next bed moaning like crazy. I didn't make a sound and I think I startled the nurse when she saw my eyes were open. She asked if I was doing ok, I said yes but it was starting to hurt so off she went to get some meds. She came back with toradol and dilaudid - the good stuff - and I was feeling good in a matter of seconds. My mom view 1came back to see me and it seemed like just a few minutes later I was off to my room! (this was maybe noonish?)

When I arrived on 5West I was promptly told that I had the best room on the floor -5 West has all private rooms and is usually reserved for hysterectomy patients (my connections are in the OBGYN world) and the views of downtown were amazing!


I was also near the helipad so I saw aeromed land and take off a few times. By this time I had several visitors in my room - Gma & Gpa K, Gpa S, Mom, Dad, Katie.. I started drifting off to sleep and they headed to grab lunch. Everyone was amazed that I was talking so well - much better than last time but this time they didn't have to scrape my vocal cord. I was armed with my new pink quilt (from work) and pink pillowcase (from Jessa) and all the nurses & techs loved it!

ice packSo basically my stay went like this: I had my vitals taken every 30mins-1hr, was poked by lab for calcium levels every 4-6hrs and got up to walk a couple times that night. They kept me packed with ice to keep some of the swelling down but I still have chubby cheeks :) Someone in surgery was a bit overzealous because the pulse ox was on so tight it had bent my nail down – yeah that hurt a bit. Then I noticed that my nose hurts a little because I have a bruise on the bridge of my nose and some slight bruising under my eyes from the breathing tube/mask. I also had betadine from my nose to the backs of my shoulders to about 5 inches below my collarbone. I guess I would rather have them be overly cautious!?

hospitalThis morning I was told that although my calcium levels were still in the “good” range, they had continued to drop during my stay. My surgeon wanted them to stabilize before sending me home so I had Tums ordered and another blood draw. One of the side effects of my surgery is damage to the parathyroid glands which control blood calcium levels. Hypoparathyroidism (hypocalcemia plus hyperphosphatemia) can cause numbness & tingling, muscle cramps and in severe cases seizures. So you can see why they were concerned with my levels dropping… It means that my parathyroid glands took a bit of a beating through both surgeries. My last blood draw showed that my levels were stabilized after the Tums so I was able to come home!

Now i’m home and ready to ice and rest once again. I have darvocet for pain and have to take 2 Tums 4 times a day (8 total per day) until further notice. I have band aids in both elbows and on both hands from blood draws and IV’s and of course the giant bandage on my neck! :) That can come off tomorrow when I can finally shower so i’m eager to take a peek behind the “curtain.” I will be back at the Dr. on Tuesday to get my stitch out and then we start more blood draws to see how fast my TSH rises… hopefully it goes fast so I can get my RAI and be done!


  1. oooooo - dilaudid... LOVE that stuff. I get that when I have my Crohn's flare ups... taking that totally makes me understand how people could be addicted to drugs! HA!

    SO glad you are home safe and sound. Sounds like you are doing fantastic. So glad to hear it Christina! Enjoy your very clean home and rest up!

  2. Glad to hear everything went smoothly and you had a nice view from your room. =]

    Praying for a quick recovery, enjoy your rest and recovery time!


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