Is That True?!

I’ve found myself saying or thinking this exact thing so many times over the past few days. If any of you have gone through or know someone who has gone through a cancerland journey, maybe you can relate to the confusion that happens when you start reading up on a particular disease. One study says this another says that… several studies say this but overall the medical community doesn’t endorse those thoughts… With so much science and research out there you would think there would be more concrete answers! I guess it goes to show the awesome wonder that is the human body.

Some of the questions I have been asking myself (and the Internet research engines) if they are true:

  • Can RAI really kick you into premature menopause?
  • Can getting pregnant (in the future) kick up a recurrence of my cancer?
  • Do most young people with one primary cancer get another primary cancer? (I personally know 4 women for whom this is true)
  • Since my tumor had burst, did the cancerous cells spread out all over the left side of my neck?
  • Does the LID really work to increase the effectiveness of RAI?
  • Will my hair stop falling out? (it isn’t as bad as having chemo but every time i touch my head, i come back with hair in my hand)

There are a lot more i’m sure, I just can’t think of them now! They tend to pop in and out all day…


  1. These are good questions...I have to admit, I am obsessive about cancer related research too. As far as having one primary cancer and getting a second...I doubt that you would be so unlucky. I had NHL and now thyroid cancer but everyone thinks it was caused by the radiation I had to treat the NHL. From everything that I've read RAI doesn't increase your risk of secondary cancers, or at most a tiny, tiny increased risk of leukemias. I sure hope that this is true, because after all of the crap that's happened to my body already I must be one big disaster waiting to happen! As far as the hair falling out- mine is too! I think it only took two weeks and I started to notice it. Blah. - Kate

  2. Kate its so good to hear i'm not the only one! After I was diagnosed I think I spent 3 weeks straight doing nothing but research! I have read several studies about the increased incidence of breast cancer, kidney cancer and a couple others linked with thyroid cancer - not because of the RAI, actually no cause stated just that they seem to be more common especially in women 30-34 at time of Thyca diagnosis. You have had more than your share and I hope that it is all for you!

    About the hair - I had it falling out like crazy after my first surgery too and I haven't even hit the hypo phase yet! First TSH is next week so i'm hoping my levels are going to shoot up fast!

  3. I understand how you feel about the conflicting research data. Trying to get straight answers about the baby's cyst before I had really met with anyone was like asking a three-legged cat to walk a straight line - impossible! Keeping you in my thoughts!


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