Gettin’ Dosed!

The surgeon’s office called this morning to tell me that my TSH was 35.67 and that my Nuclear Med stuff has all been scheduled! I will be getting my tracer (scan) dose of RAI on Tuesday and have my WBS, Consult, & Ablation dose RAI on Wednesday! Stop the bus – WHAT?! I’m not ready!!!

Everything I had heard said that it was hard to get into Nuc Med so expect at least a week lead time – guess that isn’t so at SH! Needless to say, I still have to figure out where I'm going to go for isolation, I haven’t been on the LID, and I have a wedding out-of-town to go to this weekend so I feel like there is no time to prepare or start cleansing my body of iodine! I have to believe that this is His timing and not mine… and that everything is going according to His plan…

So here is the timeline:

  • Tuesday 22nd 6:45am (about 1/2hr-1hr) – head to the hospital, get my tracer dose of RAI, go home.
  • Wednesday 23rd 6:45am (ALL DAY) – head to the hospital, WBS at 7am (2hrs), consult with Nuclear Medicine Dr. to discuss scan results and RAI dosing at 1pm, sometime in the afternoon receive my ablation dose of RAI.
  • Wednesday 23rd – Tuesday 29th – ISOLATION
  • Wednesday 30th (??) – Post-Ablation WBS – this one hasn’t been scheduled yet.

After this is all done, I can start back on the thyroid hormone meds and start bringing myself out of this extreme hypothyroid state (expecting TSH in the 60-80’s by RAI time). I expect for this to take about a week before I feel normal-ish again.

So I'm currently a bit stressed. Being gone this weekend for the wedding is making things a bit more stressful too. I have a lot to do & prep before Tuesday but I'm sure that everything will work out.

At least my hair will stop falling out sooner, right? Its been getting pretty thin so I was starting to worry!


  1. Wow! This is all happening crazy-fast! Which is good, but hopefully it doesn't drive you crazy in the meantime!

  2. I am SO excited for you! I know it's scary but you are going to do great. I'm also very curious to hear how your experience goes. Next week I'm going to recheck my urine iodine levels to see if I can start prepping for my ablation. I hope they've come down quite a bit! Know that my family and I are praying for you this week.

  3. Good luck with everything, Christina! I'll be praying that the stress doesn't get too bad and the tests/procedures all come through with the results we want! :)


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