Radioactive Woman!

radioactive woman!

So far, so good! My scan and radiation is still scheduled for next week Wednesday and Thursday.  If they push it back another week, I may just go ballistic on someone! For now, I'm counting down the next 8 days until I can have a slice of pizza, take my thyroid hormone, and begin my journey back to normalcy! Granted I will start returning to “normal” while I'm radioactive and in isolation but it will be a couple weeks before my TSH stabilizes a bit. 

So here is the official schedule:

  • Wednesday September 30th – 6:45am @ the hospital – receive scan dose of RAI at 7am.
  • Thursday October 1st – 6:45am @ the hospital –  Whole Body Scan @ 7-8am, consult with Dr. Nuke @ 8am to go over scan results and dosing, Radioactive Iodine Ablation dose @ 1-3pm (approx), head to an undisclosed location and begin isolation, baking soda rinses, lemon drop shots…oops wishful thinking!
  • Friday October 2nd – continue isolation, LID, lemon drops every 15mins, and baking soda rinses every 30-60mins, try not to puke.
  • Saturday October 3rd – remain in isolation, start taking my levothyroxine again (yay!) and eat whatever I want again (YAY!!!)
  • October 3-7th – continue isolation
  • October 8th – appointment with Dr to discuss recovery, labs, prognosis, follow-up scans/tests
  • October 8-11th – continue partial isolation (stay away from pregnant women, babies, and children)


  1. So, Oct. 3 we should have lots of takeout delivered to your undisclosed location? LOL

  2. What does the baking soda do? I just found your blog. Getting ready for RAI

    1. Hi TJC - the baking soda rinses were to help keep saliva flowing and acidity down. I was so sick after RAI I could barely manage water though. Hope your experience goes more smoothly!


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