Pins & Needles

PF 06 047Today I’m not the only one sitting here waiting on pins and needles… it just so happens to be the opening day of gun deer hunting season and the deer and the hunters are on full alert.

Now normally I wouldn’t care one way or the other about hunting seasons but this particular day is apparently a holiday in some parts of the state.  In the areas where I work, they literally close school for deer hunting…I mean an in-service.. yeah… an in-service. 

I normally just note this day as a regional phenomenon and continue through my day.  But today on my way to work, I glanced to my left looking for any escaping deer that may cross my path and I saw a bright orange hat and a big dark shape just on the side of the road.  Suddenly I realized that I drive through prime hunting territory on a daily basis!  I’m seriously hoping that those hunters point their guns in the right direction!

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  1. stayyy safe! :) Gotta love deer meet! :)) yummy!


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