Comfort Zone


Ok so I have so many things I absolutely cannot write about at the moment so I will share one of my favorite things of the moment instead!

Victoria’s Secret The Dreamer Flannel Pajamas rock my socks.  Warm? Definitely. Comfy? Ridiculously so.  Pricey? Unfortunately.

BUT they come in so many cute colors… AND they go on sale.. a lot!  And if you are really lucky and patient, they usually go on sale closer to Christmas and include a free matching slipper gift! Score!

I have my eyes on the confetti dot pattern which of course has pink accents and is so up my alley.  I will be watching for the free slipper promo and will pass along the good news when they do!


  1. First, that's adorable. I look at these every year and drop hints to Blain how much I'd love a pair for Christmas. It's the one hint he always forgets I drop ...

    second, can you share your secret on how you got a bar with links across the top (i.e. "home", "100 in 1010"). I want to add somethign like that to mine and cannot for the life fo me figure it out!

  2. Jenn I hope you get some this year - they totally rock!

    As for the bar across the top - you just have to enable the pages option in Blogger. In Dashboard go to Postings and then Edit Pages :)


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