So what do you do when you have to write a resignation letter?   You agonize over what you should say… what you shouldn’t say… making sure all the pertinent information is in there… leaving out things that just aren’t important.  You get advice from your HR friend. Finally, you decide to keep it short and sweet and to the point.  Then you quickly print it out and hand it to your boss. 
Unless the only paper in your house is purple, yellow, PINK, is covered in Santa Claus faces, flowers, or angels.  Yes my dears, I found myself with not a stitch of white copy paper in sight the night I wanted to print my letter!  Of course I wasn’t about to run out in the cold weather to get a new ream of paper, that would be too easy.  No I frantically searched through every drawer in my house to find something suitable and even debated long and hard about using pink or purple. [Hey, it worked for Elle Woods didn’t it??]  
Then, it dawned on me… I am a scrapbooker!!  I have mountains of lovely papers stuffed in my rolling scrap station!  There was bound to be an 8.5x11” sheet of plain white in there right?

Since discovering the joys of 12x12” scrapbooks, I have completely purged my 8.5x11” paper selections!  So then it hits me.  I have this amazing paper cropping tool that I use to cut papers to whatever lovely size I desire! 
So I pulled out a few white papers and discover I have a serious shiny white paper problem.  If I print on that, it will smear.  Totally not acceptable.  I then found one glorious piece of almost cardstock thickness pure white paper.  Yessss!
I happily cropped my sheet down to the very specific letter size and sent it through the laserjet.  Success! 
One perfectly proportioned, non glossy, heavy weighted resignation letter made to order!

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