Even Mother Nature is Confused

It seems that once again the world has gone crazy and forgotten that we have a holiday between Halloween and Christmas… remember?  Ring any bells here?  Anyone?

As I posted almost exactly a year ago here, I have a serious dislike for all things Christmas until it’s the proper time. We have become Christmas obsessed and for all the wrong reasons.  Its all about buying, getting, spending, consuming...  And it starts up again almost as soon as it’s over as evidenced by the massive display I saw in Hobby Lobby back in JULY!  All the crazy marketing must be working on people though because even some of my friends have been brainwashed to think that it is appropriate to listen to Christmas music around the clock starting November 1st. [It’s not, but I forgive your momentary lapses of judgment] 

But I know something is seriously wrong when even Mother Nature is getting into the act.  Or perhaps she is trying to reinforce how seriously confused we are with our holidays and seasons?  Either way Mother Nature, I am not amused.

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