Why Tennessee?

whyThis is the question I find myself answering a bajillion times a day so I thought I’d fill you all in.

Do I know anyone in Tennessee?  Not that I’m aware of… although I think one of my sorority sisters lives there?  Definitely don’t know anyone in the city I’m moving to!

Why did I apply for that job?  Well I applied because the job sounded interesting, like a challenge, and definitely a rung up the career ladder.  The fact that it was in Tennessee was just an afterthought.  Truth is, I applied for several jobs in many different areas.  In the end, I had 2 job offers and I went with the one that I felt was the right one for me… and it just so happened to be the one in Tennessee.

It doesn’t hurt that I have always loved that area.  In fact I posted about how much I love it last October in this post.  I love the mountains, I hate the snow… Tennessee has a lot of the one and barely any of the other. Perfect compromise! 

It’s an adventure and who knows what may happen?  As the realtor who showed me around there said, “Honey, maybe God is just sending you down this way to find your husband!”

And?  Why not Tennessee?


  1. At least your husband will have a completely adorable accent! :))) I loveeee accents :)

    DO IT!

  2. You are going to love it. We would not change living down here for anything. Life is just a bit more layed back and easy going. As for snow..if you want to enjoy it, just drive to Gatlinburg..which is not even an hour from there. We took the kids skiing last year and it was a blast!


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