Doctor Day

Well, PA Day really… I had my labs drawn last week and today was my appointment with my endocrinology PA (I see the actual endocrinologist every 6mos). 

I knew my TSH number was bad because I was called within 12 hours of getting my labs drawn to up my levothyroxine meds.  Today I found out my TSH was 16 which was up 3.0 from 3 weeks before that – not great.  What does that mean?  Well it means I was going more hypo which means any possible thyroid cells (cancerous or not) left after the radiation were/are working overtime trying to compensate which means they are overproducing/growing/replacing themselves.  This is why my meds were immediately increased. More meds (synthetic thyroid hormone) = tricking the leftover thyroid cells into not working overtime to produce the hormones that keep your body running. More meds = good thing!

The other big number that was announced today was my Tg or thyroglobulin level.  Thyroglobulin is produced and used by the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. This test is also the tumor marker test for thyca patients meaning you need the Tg to be undetectable in your blood…

My Tg is undetectable! Very good news!

The PA said that means the mets to my lungs were also killed by my dose of RAI.  Very, very good news!

Its too early to be declared cancer free of course.  Normal cancer patients need 5 years of clean tests before you can claim that milestone.  For thyca patients there is some debate in the medical community on when we can be called “cancer free” because it is relatively common for it to come back 10, 20, even 30 yrs later. 

For now, the news of my undetectable Tg brings tears to my eyes. I have a feeling no present under the tree will measure up to that news this Christmas.

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  1. Christina, I am so happy to hear this! I agree, nothing under the tree can equal this. I wish you and yours a very blessed and peaceful Christmas season, and I hope you float around on this wonderful news the entire time!

    Love you, sweetie!!!


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