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I have so much going on right now its hard to breathe sometimes. Since I'm not going through treatments anymore, people think I should be all back to normal but we’ve still got a long way to go before my levels are regulated and I can go for more than 6-8weeks without seeing a doctor or getting my blood drawn. I’ve already mentioned that I'm exhausted but my schedule is probably not helping either.  My current schedule could make just about anyone cry, not just someone who is hypo and dealing with cancer aftermath!  Add in my 2 jobs with their own to do lists and we have a ton of fun going on here!

The following is my to do list as of yesterday for the last days of the year. Items crossed off have been completed as of Thursday (items crossed off and green have been completed as of 12/19):

Breakfast with Santa Fundraiser (12/19) List: confirm Santa's helpers,  purchase: candy canes, crayons, coloring books, paper for letters, face paint, color printer ink, hats for helpers, basket for candy canes, get Santa & Mrs. Claus costumes, find envelopes, turn in paperwork to restaurant, organize/wrap door prizes, assign helper’s duties, print Crop for the Cure flyers, print photo cards, make Santa mailbox, manage guest list/RSVP’s, make tip/donation jar, upload photos to group site, get cash box.

3 Day Team Captain List: make Crop needs list, order cookbook kit, inventory event supplies, inventory raffle items, make a Crop for the Cure to do list, continue to drum up raffle donations, write letters to family/friends, design team logo, check in with team members, help team member make a plan for fundraising,  gather & type recipes for cookbook, design cookbook, pick up donation from Splurge Salon, collect garage sale donations from Lindsay.

Christmas List: start shoppingbuy wrapping paper, Damstra party, plan food item for Slagter Christmas party, buy table decorations/plates/napkins, wrap presents, assemble/wrap employee gifts,finish shopping, attend immediate family Christmas on the Eve, attend Slagter Christmas, do Christmas cards, write year in review letter, Plan menu for Christmas Day Dinner (I'm hosting), ask Christmas guests to bring a dish to pass, buy groceries for Christmas Day menu, cook Christmas dinner, clean house for Christmas company.

Personal List: get blood drawn, pick up new script, endocrinology appointment, figure out what the heck I'm doing on NYE, movie with the fam, do laundry, organize files, print 3 Day 2008 photos, charge camera, clean out closet for garage sale, eat, sleep, email, facebook, blog… Ok to the last 5 are a bit of a cheat but I felt like I needed more than 1 “personal” item crossed off!

Forgive me if I have a panic attack/crash into a stupor for a couple hours/come down with something/don’t respond to non-urgent emails/forget everything… I really do have a lot on my mind!

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