Good Riddance!

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Good Riddance Day in Times Square.  People showed up from everywhere to bring that techie gadget that never quite worked right or wrote down their annoyances and problems from 2009 and tore, shred, or literally bashed them to pieces!  All this so they could usher in 2010 with clear goals and a renewed perspective. 

So in honor of Good Riddance Day, here are the things I am looking forward to leaving behind from 2009:

  • The thought: "I can't"
  • Pessimism - may need to be called out on this from time to time
  • Clothing I haven't worn in forever and/or will never wear
  • Disorganization & Procrastination - these often go hand in hand for me
  • The 30lbs I gained from having my thyroid ripped out and metabolism obliterated
  • Active Cancer Cells in my body

Now tell me, what would you like to bid Good Riddance to?

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