Kinda Down…

Probably stemming from being too stressed out from work and then also being sick (sore throat, stuffed nose, yay fun) but I've been down for the last few days.  Then tonight I log onto one of my thyroid groups that has been busy the past day or two to find a posting about thyroid cancer and pregnancy.  Apparently, getting pregnant after this particular cancer is difficult and has to be managed very carefully because the thyroid plays a big role during pregnancy. (or so these posters were saying…) I haven’t had time to do my own research on the subject yet so I'm trying not to let it get to me too much.  Its not like I'm in a place to even try to get pregnant right now (Hello Mr. Right, I'm taking applications!) but have always thought maybe someday… I guess I have to remember my earlier post about letting go and letting God take this one into His hands.

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  1. Oh sorry honey! :( i'm sure you have already done some research... any different information?


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