Running On Empty

I don’t know what it is exactly but lately I've felt drained of any ounce of creativity or energy.  Ok the energy thing I get because I'm pretty sure my meds aren’t quite right yet but I think I should be able to reserve my right to still feel creative!  Maybe I'm just getting the winter blahs and if only the sun would come out tomorrow…  Maybe I just need to make a change in my life… but where/what?  Some things I have done to perk up my spirits in the past include:

  1. Redesigning a room in my house – not as fun when limited by apartment living but hey!
  2. Getting my hair cut and/or colored – currently contemplating auburn…hmmm
  3. Planning a vacation… now who to take with me?
  4. Buying lots of stuff – clothes mostly – a dangerous option but can be combined with #1 or #3 if you plan a trip to IKEA to buy stuff to redesign your house!
  5. Organize something – closet, books, scrapbooking stuff – you name it!  Can also be combined with 1, 3, & 4!

What would you suggest?

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