Seasons Change?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it is still winter right?  I mean I look out the window and i’m greeted by nothing but gray and white… the white being the inches and inches of snow on the ground…

Just thought I should check on this because the stores seem to have gotten winter confused with summer.  Ok yes, I understand spring break will be here soon but I find it slightly ridiculous to be greeted by shorts, bathing suits, and flip flops when I walk in a store in January.  There is no way you will get me to even think about trying those on for at least 3 months because a) the average daily temperature will not be above 30F until at least late April, b) being hypo my body temp is running low so I currently wear at least 3 layers at all times, and c) I am so pasty white and “fluffy” after a summer and fall spent as a cancer patient that I might get mistaken for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Too bad I need to find replacements for my black dress boots – my chosen foot attire of the winter because they go over the ankles and rarely get snow within them.  I hope they have more than flip flops and jelly shoes when I go tonight!

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