God Laughs

How does that saying go?  If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans…

I can remember being in high school and writing papers on what life would be like in 10 years.  I think mine always said something along the lines of married,  a kid or two (or three), singer/writer/artist/mother (insert career/dream-of-the-moment here). 

Looking back, the thing I find most interesting is that I always said I would be married and have at least one child by now and the career portion was more an afterthought and never the main focus.  Strangely enough, today the career I never thought too much about is completely solid and progressed faster than expected while the things I always wanted – marriage, kids – haven’t happened. 

Today I make many plans… for my employees, for events, to see friends and family… but I don’t find myself dreaming for myself much.  There aren’t too many “one day I will…” statements circulating in my heart.  Am I scared of hoping for something only to be filled with disappointment in the end?  It makes me think of the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” in which Frances buys a villa with plans for a new life in mind and everything appears to go wrong.  In the movie, she is heartbroken until she realizes she has gotten everything she planned for, just not in the way she had imagined.

I think its time for me to start dreaming again, writing it down so its real and seeing where things leads me.  It might not be exactly how or where or what I plan but I am willing to bet that it will be exactly how or where or what it’s supposed to be.


  1. Thats a great idea and I love the last video. I read his book and it was such an inspiration!

  2. So true Christina SO TRUE!

    I picked your blog for a silly little award. It is on my blog. Happy Monday!


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