Oooooooh Kaaaaaaay

I think I finally have my new computer up and running and all my old files transferred – whew!  That was a complete mess mostly because of no instructions and me not wanting to be patient. Still haven’t installed my photo transfer program but maybe i will attempt that this weekend…

Speaking of the weekend, I feel like I need to take a deep breath in prep for the coming month!  Just a sneak peek at what I have going on: Tastefully Simple Fundraiser, team meeting and event planning for future fundraisers, out of town scrapbooking weekend, trip to Florida to help out Grandma/pa (grandma broke her hip..), team fundraiser (while I’m in FL), event planning for a baby shower and birthdays, plus normal work and home stuff… and that brings us to the end of a too short month and the magical 24 weeks out point for the 3 Day!  I think I’m going to hit March feeling like a zombie.

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