Its only Tuesday and i'm sitting here wanting to start the week over. Sunday was great so we can go right back to that day and continue that feeling the rest of the week ok?

Monday I knew would be packed because I had meetings from 9a-5pm straight through...although I did manage to find 10mins to scarf down my leftovers. But of course being a Monday in healthcare everything was just NUTS. People were bombarding me with questions and yelling at me for doing something one way when they wanted it another... uhm here's a tip: if you have clear expectations of what needs to be done then TELL THAT PERSON what you expect! It makes everyone's lives much easier, ok? Then I ended my day with a meeting 40miles to the north of my office which is 30 miles north of my home making for a very long commute.

When I finally got home, I found some papers duct taped to my door. It was an eviction notice - uhm WHAT?!? I looked closer and found it wasn't my name but was my apartment number... then I looked even closer and saw that the building number was wrong too. So it isn't for me BUT these papers from the court were taped to my door (not in an envelope) for God knows how long for all my neighbors to see!! I was embarrased and upset to say the least because you had to look really close to realize it was the wrong apartment so now my neighbors think i'm a deadbeat who doesn't pay my bills. This makes me so angry because I have NEVER - not even when going through cancer and on a reduced income - I repeat NEVER been delinquent with my rent. Then I start thinking, ok this is a court summons so the district court has idiots working for them that can't read an address... what if this happens when they come to get rid of this other lady's stuff?!  She has to appear in court on Feb 16th and if she doesn't and they come to throw her possesions in the dumpster... are they going to come to MY apartment?!  Of course this has me freaking out - especially because I won't be there the 18th-22nd to stop them from being complete idiots!  I'm seriously considering putting a post it note on my door clearly defining my full address to make them pause before destroying my home.

And here we are at Tuesday 10am... I was late for work because I thought the apartment office opened at 8am...nope doesn't until 8:30a so i'm going after work now... then I spun out on a very busy road on the icy drive to work... our major program to work out of has gone down twice already for a total of 2hrs work lost... and the entire hospital lost power for a bit - and I work in the basement with absolutely NO windows!  Thank goodness the generators finally kicked in...

So yes, I would like a do over starting back at Sunday please!

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