Unique Ideas

Anyone who has done fundraising for the 3 Day for the Cure events knows that sometimes you have to get a little… creative to reach your goal.  It is common to see restaurant nights, scrapbooking weekends, car washes, garage sales, canning, letters, and items for sale of every shape and size!  Its those who find something really creative to do or sell that can really stick with you.

Take for example, the 60 Mile Men. Every year, a group of 12 men are chosen for a very special fundraising calendar.  While claiming to be “average” men they agree to pose semi-clad in various situations and are all dedicated to helping find a cure for cancer.  If you read the bios of these guys you realize they are much more than the “average” man.  They are passionate about the cause for various reasons, many of them with personal connections to cancer. 

So visit the site and check out the goods!  Or, sign up for the 3 Day and get a chance to meet one of these handsome hunks!  I can tell you, these guys are anything but “average.”


  1. Thank you, Christina!

    60-Mile Men's Mr. January 2008

  2. We love seeing all the 60-Mile Men walking at the 3 Day events.

    Thanks for walking and crewing guys.

    Team Walkers 4 Life


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