The Quick 7

One. I just got back from 4 days in Florida and I want to go back. Pronto. It definitely didn’t help that we left a balmy 60F+ degrees to come back to 30F and 6-12 inches of snow…

Two. My two furry friends were surprisingly good while I was gone – I'm looking forward to some crazy bit of retaliation sometime this week.

Three. My grandmother isn’t doing so great down in Florida and can use a lot of prayers.  My grandpa can use some uplifting too as he is trying to help her through this.

Four. After 5 days with a baby in tow I'm completely exhausted… and I didn’t even have to change a diaper.

Five. I started and finished 1 book and started a second all while only on flights to and from Florida.

Six. My posterior left lung has been hurting pretty bad.  I was trying to ignore it but its gotten to the point that I have stabbing pains multiple times a day when moving or breathing.  Time to call the doctor… just hoping it isn’t the same locale as my mets…

Seven. I’m happy to report that two friends of mine who were recently diagnosed with cancer (breast and uterine) came through their surgeries well this week.  Its a long road through chemo/radiation still but these are two extremely strong women and I know they have a lot of support.

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