Sometimes I need to stop and remember why I devote so much time and energy to the fight against cancer.  Its really easy to get stressed out and discouraged when trying to organize a team and multiple fundraisers.  Sometimes its like trying to manage a full time activist job on top of the regular ole full time job!  When you are so passionate about what you are doing though, it sometimes takes an extra emotional toll too. So back to the topic of this post…

Today I was sitting in the parking lot of Walgreens waiting to do an Inspiration DVD hand off with fellow 3 Day walker Vanessa Dekoekkoek when a woman walked to a car a few spaces away from me.  As I watched her I noticed her sad expression, her puffy face, the bulging pharmacy bag, her knit cap, and her complete lack of hair… 

I knew she was a cancer patient. 

Immediately I felt a connection to this woman and part of me wanted to jump out of my car to hug her while the other part of me was fighting back tears.  I don’t know what kind of cancer she was fighting and I don’t know if her story is similar to mine, but seeing her in that moment reminded me why raising funds to fight cancer is so incredibly important.  Men and women across the world fight for their life daily Getting Scanned After RAIagainst this thing called cancer.  It doesn’t matter where it starts or what type it is classified as, your life is never the same after diagnosis.

Join me today in the fight against cancer by donating to the 3 Day.

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