I Spoke Too Soon

Just as I thought the week was turning around, more stuff hit the fan.

**warning for those with a weak tummy**

My sister had a tonsillectomy on Thursday and by Thursday night she was back to the doctor because she was throwing up blood and they needed to cauterize her throat.  She went to bed bed then as my mom headed over to watch her on Friday she got a call saying she was throwing up blood again.  So my mom called the doctor on the way to my sisters house and the doctor called my sister and told her that a little bit of blood was ok… forward to my mom’s arrival at my sister’s house where she was greeted by a nonstop stream of bright red blood coming from my sister’s mouth accompanied by the occasional vomiting episodes. It was at that point my mom put her in the car and started speeding to the hospital.  On the way my sister makes comments such as “I can’t see…” and “I feel like I'm not here anymore..” and starts slumping in the seat so my mom pulls off the highway into her office so the Drs there can assess her and give her life saving measures if needed. 

After a quick check of oxygen levels and a few other things they get back into the car and speed to the hospital only to find the lineup to the ER is 5 cars deep… apparently they can’t get the patient out of car no 1 so security is coming to the cars on the road and seeing if they need assistance.  The guard grabs a chair for Kate and speeds her into the ER as my mom tries to find parking.  Once in ER she got pain meds, anti nausea meds, and 2 liters of fluids while waiting for the ENT. The ENT never showed.  Apparently he was too busy throwing a fit because he wasn’t supposed to be on call so they discharged my sister and told my mom to bring her to the ENT office! Seriously?! They get there and they cauterize anything and everything they can and then tried to charge her for a copay – excuse me, someone from your office was supposed to be on call for ER but instead you made them drive to the office and you have the gall to try to charge extra?!  My mom said no way! She also got the Dr to give my sister a different pain script because the one she had was basically liquid Vicodin. If you remember, I had a really bad reaction to Vicodin after my first surgery… Apparently we can’t hold our pain meds.  After all that she finally stopped bleeding and fell into an exhausted sleep and she seems to be feeling much better today.

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