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Everyone is gearing up for this weekend and Valentines Day… well most everyone that is.  It seems to me there are a growing number of people that just don’t really care about this “holiday.”  How much of a holiday is it really?  I mean you don’t even get the day off work.  Maybe its the economy, maybe people are realizing they should tell that special someone how much they love them everyday, or maybe I just know too many people who will be without a sig.o for one reason or another this year?

As for me, I have some big plans for the weekend!  I’m going to a weekend scrapbook-a-thon out of town to work on my 2007 & 2008 Breast Cancer 3 Day albums! (yup I'm a little behind) Maybe if you remember to tell your friends and family how much you love them this weekend I will post a few pictures when I return.

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  1. I think the real problem is the commercialization of the holiday. I mean, Christmas is pretty bad, but Valentine's day is almost exclusively about spending $$. At least for Christmas, you have the cheesy holiday movies reminding you to be nice to others. Valentine's day brings out hoards of commercials for jewelry and restaurants and flowers. Personally, I would rather stab myself in the forehead with a dull instrument, causing as much pain as possible, than go out to dinner on Valentine's day or Valentine's day weekend. And really, someone can be an a**hole everyday of the year, but if he spends some money on V-day, suddenly he's a sweetheart. I agree with you - having a great V-day isn't the sign of a good, healthy relationship; in a healthy relationship, there's no question that each person cares for the other and they don't need to wait until February 14th to say it.


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