Hump Day Bump Day: Week 24

24 weeksHow far along? 24 Weeks, 3 Days
Maternity clothes? this outfit is maternity jeans with “normal” tank and sweater
Stretch marks? nope!
Sleep: Waking up several times a night, especially if I eat too late.. tums are my friend
Best moment this week: peeing my pants a little when I coughed… yes that really happened. Not really the best moment I’ve had but definitely one of the funniest!
Miss Anything? Coffee… I’m 8days in to a 9 day/80hr work stretch and man I could use some caffeine!
Movement: my uterus has become a boxing gym
Food cravings: Chinese food… and stale marshmallows
Anything making you queasy or sick: Other than the reflux, no
Have you started to show yet: yes definitely
Gender: Little Princess
Pregnancy Symptoms: Pregnancy rhinitis, reflux, crazy dreams, fatigue
Belly Button in or out? A very shallow innie
Happy or Moody? Still moody. I will attribute this to poor sleep and fatigue.
Weekly Thoughts: Starting to worry about gestational diabetes.  Two fellow preggers have been diagnosed in the last 2 weeks with this and my glucose test is next week! EEK!
Looking forward to: Heading to Michigan to see my family and celebrate my Grandpa’s 89th birthday this weekend!

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  1. Read up on how to pass the glucose test. With my son I took the test during Halloween time and must have had too much sugar from all the candy around! I didn't pass the one hour and had to go back for the three hour. For my daughter I read up on what to eat night before the test and passed with no problem! Hope you pass as well!


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