Welcome to Training!

Last week was the first official week of training (for me) for the 3 Day!  After starting out completely confused - apparently the 3 Day has updated their 16 week training schedule and I didn't - I refigured some things and set off on my first miles of the next 430 planned training miles & 60 actual 3 day miles!  I plan on posting my scheduled vs. actual mileage weekly sooo here is Week 16...

Week 16 Training (scheduled/actual):
Mon: Rest/Rest - i'm so good at this day!
Tues: 3 miles/none
Wed: nothing/ 5 miles (actually its 4.8 as measured by gmap but...)
Thurs: 4 miles/ 5 miles
Fri: 30 mins cross-training/ 5 miles
Sat: 5 miles/ none
Sun: 3 miles/ none
Total: 15 miles/15 miles

Its been an odd first week of training, starting off with the parotid gland issue (which is ongoing and is warranting another call to the PCP) and ending with mom moving in while dad is on a mission trip... all in all I got my miles in (almost) but going forward this is the main focus... on to week 15! Oh and all you 3 Day walkers/crew/fans stay tuned for a new series starting this Wed!


  1. A new blog series that will be sort of a countdown to the 3 day!

  2. Sweet!
    ps. i LOVE Mondays since they mean rest! :)


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