I was browsing around the web yesterday and decided to search for training socks.  It has become clear that only one of the three kinds I am currently training in do not give me blisters.  Of course these are the ones that are super hi-tech and require the shelling out of $12 per pair – ouch!  So as I'm searching I'm seeing things like only $36 for 3 pairs or 6 pairs for just $71 – ok I don’t even pay that much for a pair of jeans people – when I come across a lovely, wonderful socks!site that advertized these socks for the completely amazing amount of $5.93/pair!  Love!  As quickly as I could type I placed my order for 6 pairs of WrightSock CoolMesh II Double-Layer Lightweight Ankle Socks!  I’m hoping they fit and don't even care that the color isn’t the pink/white variety because they were a steal!  Can’t wait for them to arrive so I can try them out!

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