Week 12 Training

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful day and had the chance to thank a soldier for their service to our country today?  Me & GrandpaI was honored to give a great big hug to my Grandpa, a World War 2 vet and one of the greatest men I know.  He and I are going to buy stock in Band Aids because we use so many of them… he is always bumping into things and me… well I'm just trying to prevent those darn blisters! 

soaked This was an interesting training week that started out strong but had some challenges. Exhaustion was one of them, a pop-up thunderstorm was another!  Wednesday’s walk was pretty much a rain-out once that storm hit and we had to take shelter at a school to avoid the lightning… but not until we rainbowwere totally soaked!  We were only about halfway through our route when it hit and we ended up calling my dad to rescue us from the lacrosse fields concession stand because it wasn’t letting up and we were soaked and cranky from the water squishing in our shoes.  We did see a HUGE rainbow though and I thought the whole ordeal was pretty hilarious! 

So on to the good stuff…

Week 12 Training (scheduled/actual):
Mon: rest/7 miles
Tues: 3 miles/ 5 miles
Wed: 15 min cross train/ 2.5miles (before the storm)
Thurs: 5 miles/ none
Fri: 30 min cross train/ none
Sat: 10 miles/ 10 miles 
Sun: 6 miles/ none
Total: 24 miles/ 24.5 miles – let’s just call it 24 miles because we ran about a half mile on the rainy day!

Overall, not too bad!  I need to focus on getting in the miles AND doing more cross training this upcoming week.  Its looking to be a bit of a challenge because they are predicting a lot of rain ~ I may have to do some inside walking this week! Week 11 is only 20 miles so I should be good to go!

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