101 Things You Should Know (83-89)

89.  Bring your team spirit in your own way! Some people have team socks or hats or shirts.  Find something fun to keep your team together!

3day08 050 88.  You are most beautiful when you are at the 3 day with no make up, no hair styling products, no real bathroom... just the natural glow of a job well done!

87.  You will not use your razor so forget about packing one.

86.  Buying shoes one half size to one size bigger is a good idea. Your feet will swell from working so hard and you will have thicker socks to protect them – it isn’t because you have big feet!

3day08 01085.  Don't be messy! If you have trash put it in a trash can.

84.  Stay Positive! No whining either, whining causes blisters!

83.  Moleskin, second skin and/or bandages are an essential part of any blister aid kit.

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