Dear Gilbert,

When I arrived home, immediately I knew something was amiss because a) I left that door wide open and b) I put shoes in front of all doors so they stay open. Gilbert I know you are a curious thing and think its SO FUN to slam the doors at all hours of the day and night but I really do put the shoes there for a reason. 

As you have done a time or two before, you had closed the door and locked yourself in my bedroom.  Poor Chloe was stuck on the outside with the food and the litter box but no comfy bed to sleep in.  You on the other hand had the comfy bed but no food and sadly, no litter box.  Oh yes you had left me a little present!

Stop looking at me like that while I grumble and moan while cleaning up.  And don’t even think that rubbing against my leg is a good idea at the moment.  I need a moment to process your shenanigans.

But you are still so darn cute… dangit!



  1. Aw, yeah, Calvin is the same way. Once, when I was still living in Kzoo and terribly sick, I had taken Nyquil to get some sleep. Unfortunately, Calvin had locked himself in the bathroom. I have no idea how long it was for, but it could've been as long as 8 hours. Poor baby. You could read the shame on his face as I took in the MESS on the bath mat. So now I have to do things like leave a hanger on the door so he can't get it shut/latched closed. Poor Gilly Goo!

  2. Being cute has saved Oliver's little butt on many occasions. His favorite trick is to jump on the dresser at 4 AM so I chase him out of the room and shut the door. He will then pound on the door with his paws. The next day, I look at that sweet, striped face and fall in love all over again.


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