101 Things You Should Know (76-82)

82.  Carrying Kleenex or toilet paper is necessary because you won’t have time to drip-dry and a port-a-potty without TP never has a line!

81.  Remember this is your family for the weekend - So be kind!

80.  Buying the towel service for on-event is like getting the spa treatment. You should acquire this by any means necessary.

79.  Body Glide is a wonderful invention.pat's_0005

78.  Talk to people you don’t know and listen to the stories you'll hear.

77.  If you feel a hot spot while walking – stop immediately and inspect your feet for possible blisters.

76.  Remember that at the walk you should let your hair down a bit! You’ve worked hard to get to that point and deserve to really enjoy the days!

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