The Wait

Its the weekend so I'm obviously not going to get the results of my CT scan until at least Monday but there have been moments today I've picked up my phone to call the doctor’s office anyway. 

The swelling and pain started again today so whatever is going on isn’t going away quickly… its been nearly a month of dealing with this.  The only warning i had with this episode was mild aches last night while eating my pizza. (chicken-bacon-artichoke-garlic-spinach deliciousness for those who want to know)  Today the pain/pressure that comes with the swelling was apparent the moment I woke up but faded as the day wore on.  I didn’t eat until after noon and after the ibuprofen took effect.

Ah well… it was a good day anyway.  I went to Shop for the Cure, a fundraiser for the Coconutter Strutters and won 2 bottles of wine and a foldable Komen tote – SCORE!  Cracking open a bottle and winding down the night… tomorrow is an all day cleaning fest!

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