101 Things You Should Know (69-75)

My Feet 3 Day 200875.  Under NO circumstances should you use duct tape to  cover blisters, wrap feet or legs to prevent swelling… you can rip your skin off when trying to remove the tape.  Use athletic tape instead!

74.  Stashing away an extra snack or two from the day might be just what the doctor ordered at 9pm when no more food is being served.

73.  STOP the pedicures now! You need the calluses you will develop during training to protect you from blisters!

72.  "I am convinced that only the most amazing people sign up to participate in the 3-Day. Ordinary people don't commit themselves to walking 60 miles, or raising thousands of dollars, or giving so much of themselves forsquirt one great cause... extraordinary people do." -3day coach

71.  Do not pop your blisters! If it is too large, have the Medical Crew cleanse and drain it – they have the tools to prevent infection.

70.  Bring sunglasses, and a rain poncho and a winter hat!

69.  Remember to stretch 5 minutes for every 60 minutes of walking.3day08 037

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