Week 15 Training

This week was interesting with the crazy radiation side effects, crazy weather, and crazy new job responsibilities… BUT… I still managed to do most of my training!  Pretty proud of myself this week!

Week 15 Training (scheduled/actual):
Mon: Rest/Rest – still got this one down
Tues: 3miles/5miles
Wed: 15mins cross-train/Run 1.2miles (15mins with/warm-up/cool down)
Thurs: 5miles/5miles
Fri: 30mins cross-train/none
Sat: 6miles/none (breakfast out during the snow/sleet/rain sounded like a more solid idea)
Sun: 5miles/11 miles (had to make up for Sat!)
Total: 19 miles/21miles

I ended the week 2 miles up from the suggested training program! Yay!

Week 14 starts tomorrow and I already know things will be crazy.  They have rain predicted for Tuesday/Thursday, my aunt has surgery to remove tumors in her breast Tuesday, we have our garage sale fundraiser Friday/Saturday, I’m walking the survivor’s lap and attending the survivor’s dinner at Relay for Life Friday, I'm joining a 10mile official training walk after the Super Clinic at New Balance Saturday, and we are celebrating my mom’s birthday Sunday!  I do have Friday off to run the garage sale but in all that madness I'm still working my full-time job managing 3 hospitals!  This week promises to absolutely fly by!

And there are people out there who wonder why I say I don’t have time to date…

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