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Well the results from my x-rays are in – absolutely nothing seen there.  Very good because that means there are no stones and no tumor seen.  Now its just the what the heck is causing this question… 

My theory: Well, a side effect from RAI can be thickened saliva.  Gross I know.  Thickened saliva can have a hard time passing through the tiny ducts… if you get dehydrated your saliva gets thicker… dehydrated (i haven’t been getting my water in the past 2 weeks) + RAI = disaster waiting to happen.  The other theory is that it was/is an infection caused by who knows what and there is nothing I can do to prevent it from coming back.  I prefer my first theory because I can do something about it.  Apparently I need to take better care of myself by not only drinking coffee & soda & wine for 2 weeks straight.  Even 1-2 glasses of water per day can’t counteract all that dehydrating intake.  Add in training and I really need to pay more attention to hydration!

walking_sign4517On that note… This week is the start of the 16 week training schedule!  That means I'm scheduled for 22 miles this week and I lost 2 days to being laid up and in pain.  So far I've done approximately 9 miles with tomorrows plan being another 9-10.  I plan on posting my training plan vs. actual numbers weekly – probably Mondays – so stay tuned!

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  1. My mother-in-law still has issues with her saliva from her throat/oral cancer treatment (almost two years in remission!!!). I know she drinks water constantly, and you can tell from her speech that things are just a bit extra-sticky. She didn't have RAI, though, of course, but targeted radiation. Anyway, I know it's not fun!


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