Quote of the Day

Found in the wonderful 3 Day for a Cure message boards:

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.”

Finding a cure is more important that fearing what could be.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Hi Christina,
    I was just wondering, you had some chest pain after your RAI right? And did they ever determine for sure if it was lung mets or not? I have a little bit of chest pain although I did start my synthroid two days ago, and of course I am freaking out now about metastases. My follow-up WBS is this Friday, so I guess by then I will know for sure.

  2. Hey Kate - yes I had chest pain and I couldn't breathe... or at least thats what it felt like. I've been told yes AND no to the lung mets... and I was told don't worry about it because the RAI dosage would have killed off anything anyway. My last appt w/ my Endo they said yes to mets but we are in the watch and wait mode. Its a bit frustrating but at least good to know there are no big tumors in my lungs for sure.

  3. Thanks Christina. This is what just drives me CRAZY with cancer...all the not knowing part. At least with the non-Hodgkin's I don't lose sleep over it anymore because at this point almost 13 years later it's only a remote possibility to be a problem. The whole thyroid cancer for life thing is really getting me down lately (the pills and continual scanning, high chance of recurrence...).

  4. Sometimes its overwhelming to think about for sure, knowing you have to be followed for life with thyca... It sucks and it affects so many things! I found it helpful to find a local thyroid cancer support group (mine is at Gilda's Club) because other thyca patients just get it. Also, things don't seem so overwhelmingly bad when you aren't hypo anymore :) It took me over a month to start feeling semi-normal after going hypo for my RAI and even longer before what I call my hypo-depression turned around! I definitely still have bad days but find that friends and family have a wonderful way of picking you back up when you start getting in that mood


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