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I’m a bit of a nerd and I like news.  No, I love news.  News of any type will grab my attention but politics, weather, disasters, and health related news are my favorites.  I mostly read my news these days – I check at least 3 sites daily – but I do still watch the morning news while getting ready for work. 

Recently I was reading an article and noticed the comment area at the bottom and just kept on reading. Let me tell you, I think every crazy opinionated person in the world (literally) posts comments on these things!  And of course because they have their outrageous remarks on there, it makes me want to comment.

Some comments read recently that particularly pissed me off were attached to a story about the increasing birth rates among women 40yrs+.  One comment said women who waited until their 40’s were selfish and irresponsible and that they needed to get back in the kitchen and out of the workforce.  Totally not kidding you!  I guess I'm fast approaching that selfish and irresponsible category huh? 

Yes I know that there is a slightly higher risk of birth defects the older you get… but tell me how is it irresponsible to wait until marriage to have a child?  Maybe I am selfish because I want to share parenting with my husband and not bear the responsibility alone? Oh and I guess I'm irresponsible because I'm waiting until I am financially stable enough too?  If I were married it would be hard to say if I would have a child at this point or not…  Because I'm not married I definitely haven’t had a child but I don’t think I should completely write off the idea of children just because I hit a certain age. 

Not all of us get married at 22, not all of us should have kids by 22.  Statistically, those of us who don’t get married at 22 have a better chance of not getting divorced. I know some great moms in their 20’s and I know some great mom’s in their 40’s.  Life doesn’t always work out like you thought it would when you were 15yrs old but that’s what makes it an adventure.


  1. OMG this is so true. I'm a NICU nurse and I think at this point I've learned long ago not to judge who is going to be a good parent and who isn't. You just can't...everyone's situation is different. I've seen teen parents diligently learn every task to take care of a trached/vented baby with a g-tube and an educated married couple take a multiple set home and later bring one of them back to the ER after the father shook one of the babies! And then some people have kids later for all sorts of completely legitimate non-selfish reasons and treasure them. A baby is a miracle.

  2. No, not all of us get married at 22 (37 for me). As far as having babies at an older age, my Mother was 37 when she had me, 44 when she had my little brother! Everyone's situation IS different. And as to when to have a baby - I believe God is still in control. We may think we are but we're not!


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