Working on Wednesday

I’m going to dub this “Working on Wednesday” and run down the 5 things currently going through my head.

  • cleaning out my apartment and truly clearing the clutter.  I have so many things that I haven’t used in 1, 2, even 5 years… at some point you just have to ask yourself why do I still have this?!
  • adding more fruits/veggies to my diet.  Well actually eating healthier overall but that is too vague of a “goal” so I'm attempting smaller steps like the fruits/veggies and having a new focus each week or two.  Next week I'm going to do fruits/veg as well as more water.
  • budgeting. I hate this more than absolutely anything else in the world but as I was so annoyingly reminded this week money does sometimes run out. Booo!  Its time to redo a budget and stick within it… or win the mega millions jackpot.
  • fundraising. We have 2 fundraisers coming up in the next few weeks and there is lots to do in the meantime!  If you are interested check out the event pages of the HOPE Expo and Crop for the Cure 2!
  • Walking and working out.  As we get closer to the 16 week training schedule [2 more weeks!] I've been walking with friends, getting used to spending those hours each week walking instead of on the couch.  I’ve also been doing the 100 push ups challenge and 200 sit ups challenge.  When training really starts I will be adding in some yoga for some good stretching and balance.
  • relaxing.  My body, my mind, my soul… taking more time to tune in or out depending on how you look at things. Making time at least once a week to decompress and unplug from being constantly connected and available to everyone but myself.  Hopefully this one sticks around for a while!

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  1. If you're looking for a good yoga DVD, I love Crunch Fitness's The Perfect Yoga Workout - it's two workouts on one DVD. The Joy of Yoga is the more mellow one and then there's Fat Burning Yoga, which will really kick your butt! It's my go-to workout DVD. As for relaxation - my favorite technique is guided breathing (I have a free app for it on my iPhone, I'm sure they have something on droid that would be similar). And, a fun tip to add more veggies: try mashing something like broccoli in with potatoes. :) Good luck with all of your Working on Wednesday stuff!


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