So over the past few birthday days, my family showed up in classic form.  On my birthday my mom handed me a lovely card…actually it was a “funny” one so my dad must have picked it out… and when I opened it to read the punch line I noticed that my mom had signed the card:

“Love, Mom & Dad K//////// <SORRY!”

Yes folks, she actually signed their last name, my last name, to the card!

Then on Tuesday while we were out celebrating my sister’s birthday, we were talking about how stuffed we were and how KT was going to just eat her cake at a later time (and conveniently keep it all to herself).  My mom had ridden with KT to the restaurant and I had ridden with my dad and it was decided that KT would go home with her hubby and my parents would just drive me home and then go home.  As we were going to the cars, my mom says, “I just have to go get…” and headed toward KT’s car.  Now if you know my mom, you know she is famous for not finishing her sentences AND walking off in the middle of a sentence so you have no idea what she is saying at the end…

So dad and I proceed to his car and get in and then he starts pulling out of the parking space.  Not too odd because I'm thinking he’s being a gentleman and heading to KT’s car to pick mom up.  Not so much.  He pulled out of the spot and then started pulling out of the parking lot!  I looked at him in shock and said “Where are you going!?” and he says “To your sister’s for cake!” and I said “We’re not going to KT’s and we are supposed to take mom!” and then I burst out laughing.  At this point he has people behind him and he is pulling across the road to get out of the way and turn around.  I looked behind me and I see my mom doing something similar to this in the parking lot:

what My dad turned around and I see my sister cracking up just as hard as I was which then made my mom and brother-in-law start laughing.  My dad?  He was slightly mad and just said “Well, nobody ever tells me anything!” Oh daddy, check your hearing aid batteries! LOL It was so classic!

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  1. O. EM. GEE.

    Can I just tell you that I died laughing and the cat is now giving me a dirty look? A) Because I know your mom's penchant for talking while walking away. B) I know your dad's tendency to do his own thing. C) Because I can actually hear you and KT cracking up.

    I miss you guys! Also, happy birthday, again!


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