Cooking Up A Cure 2

Just got word today that Cooking Up A Cure Volume 2 is PRINTED and READY TO SHIP!! I just need to call them and pay the balance and they will be on their merry way!  I’m hoping against hope that I will pay tomorrow and they will ship tomorrow and arrive on my doorstep just in time for the HOPE Expo next weekend… is that too much wishful thinking?! 

If you are interested in ordering a copy contact me soon!  We couldn’t keep volume 1 on the shelves for very long and sold well over 200 copies!  This time the cookbook is only $10 and we have a limited supply of 300 copies – about 100 have already been spoken for! 

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  1. Hi Christina, it's Kate (www.katestowell.com). Tomorrow is the big day for my scan and (hopefully!) ablation!. I'm so sick of this LID and hypo ride. Have to admit I am more than a little freaked out too, but I guess that's to be expected. I've had fun reading your blog and keeping up with what you are doing and how you are recovering from the crisis part of thyroid cancer. I wish I could say that at some point we'll both be totally done with cancer but it seems like you're never "done", just not as actively having to deal with it. Best wishes, Kate


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