They say most people can only do 2 things at once and if you can do more you are called a supertasker.  I am of course convinced I am one such creature. 

For instance I am currently composing a blog in my head, typing such blog, texting about and making plans for our fundraiser on Saturday and watching TV. That is way more than 2 things!  On any given day my mind is not only at work – which includes rules & regs for 3 different hospitals, yup I said three (more on the promotion later…) – but also on my training which officially starts next week, the upcoming fundraiser (in this case Crop for the Cure 2), answering team questions, being a good friend and MOH by assisting with wedding planning and panic attacks… It is simply not possible to only be doing or thinking about just 2 things at once.  I would never get anything done! 

Personally, I think all women are born with the ability to supertask. Men, however, are a completely different story!


  1. Usually I am not down with male-bashing but I have to say, no, men don't multi-task well. Or, at least, not in front of their women! Or, maybe just not when there are sports on.

    Please don't tell my husband I posted this :)

  2. Your secret is safe with me ;o)


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