30 Day Challenge – Day 3

Status: still sick, verdict is still out on strep/not strep [culture pending]… all I know is I feel like poo
Today’s topic: Favorite TV Show

Oh my… there are so many shows to choose from and believe me, I became quite the expert on TV when I was going through treatments!  I am a reality show junkie – if there is a marathon on of pretty much any cable reality show [ie: anything on Bravo!, A&E, MTV] its a total train wreck for me – I.can’t.stop.watching.  And then I'm a huge nerd and watch things like Monsters Inside Me, Mystery Diagnosis, I Survived!, Locked Up Abroad… I guess you could call it semi-reality TV?  They all involve real stories but are told retrospectively with dramatizations.  I guess in the “regular” series I would have to say: GLEE, House MD, & Fringe top my list. 

BUT if there is anything I've learned through weeks of not being able to do much EXCEPT watch TV for long periods of time its that no show beats getting out and interacting with other people.  I would much rather be sitting in front of a coffee shop sipping a latte with a friend than sitting at home so sick you can barely move and forced to watch a box for hours on end.

Besides, there are always reruns!

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