Fall Mission

I was in DSW a month or so ago looking for wedding shoes and what do I find??  A pair of amazing chocolate knee high boots on the clearance racks in just my size!  Original price was $110 but these were on super top secret clearance price of just… wait for it… $15!!  OMG are you serious?! How could I NOT buy them?? Of course I have always wanted a pair of super high, super sexy, super amazing boots… I am just waaaaay too cheap to imagine spending $100 on something that seems slightly frivolous yet so fantastic.  With a price of $15 and temps reaching the high 90’s – I lost my head a bit.

Now, fast forward to back to school season and cooler temps… I soooo want to break these puppies out!  But here’s my dilemma…

What do I freaking wear with them?!

I am not a girl who wears many skirts [mostly because work requires closed toe, closed heel and nylons at all times – UGH] but I feel these deserve a spectacular skirt or dress of some sort.  And yes, while it may seem boring, I'm looking for an outfit appropriate for work.  Let’s face it, the dating life is pretty much nonexistent at the moment so a work outfit is the best way to guarantee wearability.  Ideally the outfit could be dressed up or down to fit work or a date… ok yes, let’s be optimistic on that one… I'm looking for the ultimate convertible outfit to wear with these specific amazing boots.

Any and all ideas are welcome and will be considered – so give it your best shot!


  1. What size are they? I wear skirts...OK, so get a suit in an appropriate color (skirt & jacket) and show them off! Of course, if that doesn't happen, you could give them to your favorite aunt...

  2. I would say a chocolate suit with a very bright colored blouse.

    totally love the boots.


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