2 Days & Counting!

The countdown on my Facebook page says we have 2 days 10 hours 00 minutes and 37 seconds until the 2010 Michigan Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure!  I haven’t packed yet 3day08 007which is just crazy. I’m just not ready I guess?  I need to revise my packing list and at least get that ready and together so I can start madly throwing things in my duffel after work tomorrow.  

I need to remember such things as shower curtains, ponchos, cameras, batteries, socks,  portable chargers, air 3day08 022mattresses, pillows, socks, bandanas, credentials, shoes, sunscreen, water bottles, socks.. yes i need a lot of socks!  I still haven’t decided if I’m going with my 1 or 2 bottle waist pack [I'm fully aware of the fashion statement waist packs make but they are essential when you have to carry many items 60 miles on your person – backpacks are too  hot, I've tried]… the 2 bottle waist pack is much bigger and will fit my full size sunscreen… the weather is predicted to be in the 90^F range sunny & humid so this is a must!

There is some anxiety floating around about the weather… it will be hot & humid that is not disputed among weather persons… thunderstorms, however, are questionable.  Obviously this is not good when you are walking 60 miles and camping for 2 nights. Ahh well, its nothing we can prevent so we shall just grin and go with the flow!

Just one more day of work, some frantic packing, and then a travel day with the crew portion of our team!  Can’t wait for Opening Ceremonies!

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