10 Days Oh.Em.Gee.

Just 10 more days until I'm walking 60 miles for the 3rd time. TEN DAYS.

In there I’m cramming a trip to the dentist, 4 Days of work, a wedding across state, a trip to IKEA [also across state], packing, unpacking, laundry, shopping for last minute items, more packing, and 32 more training miles before I walk those 60 miles.  Anxiety has fully set in.

To keep myself sane [or possibly just to satisfy the OCD portion of my personality] I made a list…

10 – Days until the 3 Day
9 – Team members to coordinate
8 – miles per day x 4 days = 32 miles.. i think i can do that
7 – Days until I need to be fully packed in ziplocks
6 – The number of walkers on the team
5 – Can we fit 5 walkers in the car on the way to opening?
4 – I’m doing this for [four] my grandma, mom, sister…
3 – 3 Days for the 3rd time… Its my 3 Peat!
2 – Just 2 days until I spend some sanity time with LM & LS!
1 – One Cure

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