Kinder, Gentler Winter?

2011-FA-US-Winter-MapThe Farmers Almanac released their 2010/2011 Winter predictions on Sunday and the news isn’t good in the eyes of this blogger.  Most people are focusing on the fact that they are saying this winter will be “kinder, gentler” than the 2009/2010 season.  If you look at their map [their graphic, not mine] it looks like the western half of the US should have it pretty good this year but those of us located in the east? Not so much. And then if you pay special close attention to the great lakes region you see the words “Cold & Very Snowy.”  AHHHHH!  I must get out of here!

The last 3 years we in the SW Michigan area have had winters in the top 10 snowiest on record category and you are telling me we are in store for yet another horrible, snowy winter?!  I hate snow.  It can be pretty to look at through the window, but the second you have to leave your house and live your life it becomes the most hateful thing on Earth all over again.

Let’s just hope their prediction is wrong this year.  Very, very wrong!

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