30 Day Challenge – Day 4

Status: I feel like crawling under a rock and dying… ugh I hate being sick!
Today’s Topic: Your Favorite Book

Ahhhh books… I simply adore books!  The real kind.  I will never, never, ever be a “nook” or “e-book” reader.  I know some of you are probably writing that down and will quote it back to me later.. but seriously, I hate reading anything book length in electronic form.  AND I already spend waaaay too many hours reading electronic documents for my job and the various web browsing I do for fun.  I appreciate the look, the feel, and yes even the smell, of paper books. 

And then there is the recent declaration I made to a friend [after margaritas and sangrias mind you]… ‘I will have my personal collection of books long after books no longer exist in the paper form.  And since I will have one of the very few collections of these things called ‘books,’ I have a duty to collect many different genres and to collect books that other people probably wouldn’t.  I mean really, do you see serious book collectors having shelves full of “chick-lit?” I think not!  Therefore, I will have a most valuable collection that people will be clamoring to see… but of course they could not touch because the paper might crumble… so we will have glass cases surrounding them…’

Did I mention the margaritas?

So, out of the few hundred or so books lying around my house [no, I'm not exaggerating] which one book would i call my favorite?  I can only think of one book that I have read multiple times and would still want to pick it up again today.  It isn’t anything in the Twilight series or the Harry Potter series… it isn’t one of the “classics” in my library… it is Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind. scarlett

Now, this book has been ridiculed as being completely off base from the original Gone With The Wind [which I have also read and didn’t enjoy nearly as much as the sequel] and the author has been called sub-par, but I just love this book.  Ok, maybe it goes back to the point I made Day 2 about being a sucker for a good love story and it just didn’t seem right for Scarlett and Rhett’s love story to be over… or maybe it’s because it appeals to my love of travel and the cultures of other places and people… and ok maybe it has a lot to do with my love of a good love story!  If you haven’t read it, love the story of Gone With The Wind, and aren’t someone who gets caught up in the tiny details but can let yourself get swept away into the story… then check it out, its a good read.

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  1. I too own Scarlett - will have to re-read it. My Dad built a library for me at my house (separate from his own library in the basement). Shelves and shelves to hold all my books, going back as far as the Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew. There is something about holding a book in your hands!


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